Igus has developed a completely new 3D configurator for Drylin spindle lift tables. This enables customers to design and process millions of different linear table variants.

Designing and configuring a spindle lift table (SHT) often takes a lot of time and work for project managers. To simplify this process, Igus has developed the new spindle lift table configurator for its customers. Now all ready-to-install spindle lift tables from size 08 to 30, including the new SHT series completely made of stainless steel, can be designed quickly and easily with this – inclusive technical drawing. Just a few clicks are enough to order your individual product online.

A few steps to an individual spindle lift table.

In the first step, the user determines his environmental parameters, the type of spindle and thread required and the material of the components,“ explains Stefan Niermann, Head of drylin linear- und drive technology business unit at Igus. „In the next steps, it is possible to configure both the slide type and multi-slide systems as well as the drive journal as required. The customer can modulate this pin according to his requirements. Key surfaces and grooves in various tolerance classes and desired lenghts are quickly designed“.

2D and 3D drawing included.

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After the design the user gets to an overview page, on which the unit price, the weight and the delivery time of his table are displayed and a summary of the installed components is listed. An automatically generated 3D model and a 2D dimensional drawing can be displayed here and downloaded free of charge.

With the technical drawing and the CAD model, the customer can continue working directly on his project and exchange the plans of the spindle life table digitally with other project participants. After the configuration, the individual linear tables can be ordered in the shopping basket and from quantity upwards, or an enquiry about the products can be made to Igus.

Shortened delivery time thanks to online configuration.

It is also possible for the user to save, load or reset the configurations completely. In this way, machining of linear stage can be adapted quickly and easily due to project changes. After placing an order, all product details are sent to Igus.

The digital data transmission of this information and drawings means that the order is loaded directly into the factory and can be processed, assembled and often delivered within 48 hours, even with complex configurations. By using the configurator, not only the ordering processes for the customer are optimized, but also the internal production processes, resulting in a shortened delivery time.