In a very complex project we create a furniture 3D configurator in Realtime-3D for the belgian company Joli. Joli sells high-quality class furniture to a lot of different retailer.

The furniture configurator consist of a lot of different materials. The materials were created after a intensive test of real chairs and tables.

Thus, the customer can create different configurations of chairs and tables before the purchase. The User have the choice between different models. Moreover the user can change the color of the chairs and tables.

Compared with conventional pictures offers the 3D configurator a lot of advantages. The most important advantage is the flexibility.

Try the configurator after a click of the picture below:

3D Möbelkonfigurator

At the moment we still working on a second version of the configurator. In this version user can configurate chairs and tables together.

In this version user can download and print the created configuration.

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About the second version we report extensive in our next newsletter.

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