Sculptris is an interactive and user-friendly 3D sculpting software. The application is ideal for people who are new to creating digital sculptures for example to create a individual 3D configurator, with its easy-to-use tools and easy-to-navigate interface. However, it remains a robust software that allows artists to learn the specifics of digital painting before moving on to other applications such as ZBrush.

Sculptris sculpting software

With Sculptris, specialists know they are there with a revolutionary application. The program enables artists to bring virtual sounds and other materials with clearly defined details into the desired form.

In addition, Sculptris gives artists the tools they need to bring their digital sculptures to life. With the software, specialists have brushes and color palettes that let you apply lifelike colors to their creations.

Overview of the benefits of Sculptris.

Free system.

Sculptris is a revolutionary system that allows digital artists to create their imaginary objects. But despite its feature-rich system, it is free for individuals and even businesses. Pixologic, the company behind the application, gives artists a free hand in designing their images and places no restrictions on the use of images created with digital sculpting software.

Newbie-friendly application.

Sculptris is a great app for those who are just beginning to explore digital sculpting. The software offers a variety of powerful features to send inexperienced users on their digital artistic journey, but ensures that they can easily work their way through the features. In this way, they can use an entry-level application and still create complicated designs.

Translatable skills.

Sculptris prepares people for the use of ZBrush, another digital sculpting software from Pixologic. The skills they learn in the gateway application are applicable to the more complex program, i.e. they don’t have to learn new commands and become familiar with different techniques again as soon as they are ready to continue.

Optimized geometry.

Unlike other applications that stretch existing polygons to bring volume to surfaces, Sculptris instead adds new polygons for even distribution.

In addition, the application uses computer resources to determine if there are enough polygons in an area, and immediately applies new polygons as needed.

Overview of Sculptris features.

  • Customizable navigation controls
  • Dynamic tesselation
  • mesh import
  • toolbars
  • symmetry mode
  • Sculpting Brushes
  • optimization brushes
  • Pre-installed patterns
  • Mask System
  • Precharged Materials
  • Automatic UV generation
  • projection varnishing
  • bump paintings

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What does Sculptris cost?

Sculptris is free to use digital Sculptris software and comes with no enterprise fees.

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