In the following article we will introduce you to KeyShot 8.2. There are a lot of improvements in this version, but also some important new features and updates.

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KeyShot 8 brought a fundamental change to the development process: an increase in the number of developers, a dedicated UI/UX team, refinement of the QA process, and optimized development sprints. All this has worked together to provide you with the most solid version of KeyShot yet, and has laid the foundation for the next release, KeyShot 9 (which will be released with unprecedented product visualization features).

KeyShot 8.2 has continuously included beta user feedback to support the workflow and make the process from 3D model to 3D rendering much smoother.

Special features and updates include:

  • Offline rendering pause.
  • Speed and performance increase in the interior mode.
  • Vertical alignment for presentation mode.
  • Shift key Drag-and-drop to add sub-materials.
  • Network rendering for Linux.
  • Alembic vertex color/deformable curve support.
  • Autodesk Revit 2019 import.
  • Updated SOLIDWORKS integration.
  • Updated PTC Creo integration.
  • Updated Fusion 360 integration.
  • Updated Cinema 4D integration.

Improve workflow performance.

You can expect your workflow to be much better in scene layout, material application and rendering. The option to interrupt offline rendering at any time has been added, and if you are using the inside mode, you will experience improved speed and performance. In addition, many updates and fixes have been made to the KeyShot user interface to make elements and actions more consistent and work the way you expect them to.

More network rendering options.

By popular request, KeyShot rendering for Linux is available. Both Master and Slave can now be installed on Linux. An option to install KeyShot Network Rendering on MacOS has also been added and many other Network Rendering improvements have been made.

Increased integration capabilities.

Perhaps most input from KeyShot users has been provided for KeyShot integration with the 3D modeling software. It would be difficult to list all updates made during integration with various software products. Key enhancements include optimized and updated SOLIDWORKS integration, direct import of Autodesk Revit 2019 files, and support for Vertex Color and Deformable Curves in Alembic.

There is much more to this release. If you haven’t tested KeyShot 8.2 yet, a free trial version is available.

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