Learn how to create soft curves (for example to create a 3D configurator) and add modeled detail in ZBrush using add-on modifiers programmed directly on your stylus and ExpressKeys that bring your brush tools to life.

In the video below, Digital Tutors show them how to introduce add-on modifiers when working in ZBrush. See how you can add the dash palette, reverse gear, and curve modifier to your brush to eliminate the fine bumps and edges dound in most sketches.

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Stroke Pallet – here you can choose from a variety of brush options by drawing things like raised ridges directly onto a character`s surface. If you want to smooth your stroke, just grab the mouse and increase the radius.

Backtrack – allows you to create details for a specific path if you want to define a line and go beyond it with a simple brush, line or path stroke. With a fixed path, you can work on defining any line without worrying about changing the surrounding areas.

Curves – allows you to draw surface curves and then highlight the details of each curve to move the details to be modelled. You can activate Curve Mode for each brush you want to use.

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