According to a Deloitte report, 26% of today`s customers want personalized products and 71% are willing to pay more for them.

To keep pace with the demand for personalized products (well-suited to be presented by a 3D configurator), many companies are already using 2D or 3D product configurators to provide their customers with a better and more visual shopping experience while maximizing efficiency and sales potential.

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The most common question is: “2D or 3D configurator, Which solution is more suitable for my project?”

The following video illustrates a real-time 3D configurator for a pen:

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With over 10 years experience in developing real-time configurators, we want to show you the differences between 2D and 3D configurators and enable you to make the right decision for your business.

The general benefits of visual product configurators.

The basics for 2D and 3D product configurators are largely identical and have several advantages for your business:

  • Real-time rendering. Customers see 2D and 3D visualizations of their order as they create them. When customers can see exactly what they are buying, their confidence increases and they are less likely to make a stationary purchase.
  • Rule-based configuration. Based on the rules they set, customers can`t create orders they can`t create, eliminating the possibility of customers placing orders they can`t fulfill.
  • Real-time pricing with faster and more accurate pricing. As customers create the product they want and get closer to their order, the shopping cart is automatically updated in real time. By automating the CPQ process, salespeople are relieved and customers can make informed decisions quickly.
  • Detailed analyses. The price configurator software tracks customers throughout the entire configuration process and provides insight into their behaviour. This data gives you the information you need to optimize the buying experience.
  • Simple. intuitive ordering behaviour. Both product configurators streamline the purchasing process and provide an intuitive and easy-to-use sales ecosystem that benefits your salespeople and customers.

Learn how a variety of industries are using product configurators to improve customer service, streamline the sales process and complete sales faster.

Benefits of a 2D product configurator:

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The main difference to a 3D solution is that 2D product configurators use only two dimensions. The advantages of 2D product configurators over 3D solutions are as follows:

  • Faster rendering possible. Two-dimensional images have smaller file sizes than their 3D counterparts. This accelerates visual preview and provides customers with a seamless user experience.
  • Light in design. With only two dimensions, 2D configurators are less time-consuming to create artwork. If you don`t already have 3D models of your products or the design resources to produce them, a 2D product configurator costs less time and money for the designer.

Advantages of a 3D product configurator.

With an added dimension, 3D product configurators give customers better insight into their custom products. The presentation of products in 3D offers several advantages for companies:

  • Leverages the benefits of 3D rendering. If you already have existing 3D models of your products or have your own design team to create them, a 3D product configurator is a matter of course. Equipped with 3D graphics, it is much easier to put the configurator into operation than it appears at first glance.
  • View the product from any angle. The three dimensions allow the customer to view his order from all angles to ensure that the product meets his needs. This also helps customers visualize the size and shape of their products.
  • Offers customers a wow factor. A 3D product configurator brings their products to life and impresses their customers with beautiful and accurate renderings. The third dimension also provides the customer with more visual information, minimizing their fears.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition. While product configurators are becoming an increasingly common tool for many companies, 3D visualizations are less common. The wow factor and improved user experience can help them outperform the competition.

See for yourself.

Offer your customers a better shopping experience, no matter which product configurator you choose. To learn more about 3D configurators, visit our LandingPage for product examples.