The french company Piscines Grupe GA has recently started offering its customers a very practical tool. With a 3D configurator, customers know in advance exactly what their garden will look like after building their swimming pool. The following video gives a brief insight into how the configurator works:

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Why does the company use a 3D configurator?

A swimming pool gives customers a lot of pleasure every day. With the 3D configurator, customers can quickly generate a lot of new ideas and come a significant step closer to their dream garden.

The 3D-Tool helps customers who do not have a clear idea about their future pool yet. With the 3D configurator, users can try out different combinations and thus step by step approach their desired pool. The configurator currently offers only 4 different swimming pool models, which a salesperson can visualize directly in the customer`s garden with the help of a tablet.

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What functions does the tool offer?

In order to use the 3D configurator, a photo must first be uploaded. It is of course recommended that users upload a photo of their garden where the location of the future swimming pool can be seen. If there is no picture of the garden, users can also choose from a predefined selection of photo examples. Customers should select the photo that comes closest to their garden.

Then the desired pool model can be selected and further settings such as rotation, size or height in relation to the picture can be adjusted. In this way, customers get a very realistic visualization of their future swimming pool.