Sometimes you need to quickly release some materials on a sample mode. Maybe you`re a CG artist (can be specialized in creating 3D configurators) who needs to share progress with your colleagues, or you`re selling textures and want to present yourself accordingly. Of course you can do it all with Sketchfab, but in practice we`ve often found that uploading a fully textured model was just too much work each time. So we came up with something much simpler: the Sketchfab Materials Showcases.

In the following we would like to explain how this works.

The Showcase allows you to use an existing model in Sketchfab and load texture files you have hosted elsewhere into your model. It works by adding the relevant channel data to the model URL.

By default, the Showcase searches for a material called “main_material” to update the texture channels. With the parameter “material_names” you can specify further materials like for example:


In this case the given texture channels will work on both materials: body and body_floor.the available channel names are:


You can deactivate some channels by leaving their parameters empty (z.B. material_emissive=).

Update: To activate the Material Showcase you have to add the following parameter:

  • material_showcase=1

Note: the Showcase can only load images that support the CORPs standard such as Dropbox and Imgur.

Full demo: Fabric materials.

Probe models.

As mentioned before, you can use any model for the showcase, but we have already prepared some very good models for you.

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Note that this is only a first version – if enough people find it useful, it will extend functionality, simplify operation etc.