For the swedish blend Hasselblad we developed a camera configurator in Realtime-3D. The 3D configurator enables user to create its own desire camera in few steps.

In a first step the user can choice its desire lens. The user have the choice between 3 different variations.

Kamera Konfigurator
Echtzeit 3D Kamera
Kamera 3D

In a second step the user can choice between 3 different materials (Black Leather, carbon and brown). The following pictures showing the possible options:

Camera in 3D
Kamera 3D Konfiguration
Konfigurator für eine 3D Kamera

The user can open or close the deck hatches:

3D Camera Configurator
3D Kamera konfigurieren

In a last step the user can fast-forward the film.

Konfiguration einer Kamera

Try our configurator now and create in few steps your desire camera. Click on the link.