Babylon.js gets more WebGL functions and classes that are considered modern in JavaScript. The JavaScript library is very useful for creating a 3D configuratorMicrosoft is also working on better animations of 3D objects. The goal should be that the system runs smoothly on as many devices as possible.


Microsoft introduces version 3.2 of the 3D framework Babylon.js. New are among other things the rendering of particles with the graphic unit and the support for the VR systems Gear VR and Daydream. The basic premise of the new version should be that the framework works fluently on as many devides as possible. Babylon.js is used to display and animate 3D objects in the browser. The basis is type script based on the programming language JavaScript.

Microsoft wants to achieve the better performance through several cache levels in which JavaScript commands are cached. The slow execution of the code is apprently still a bottleneck of the framework. Additionally the system should support a broader spectrum of WebGL 2.0 functions, which Babylon.js contains since version 3.0. This includes 3D textures and multisampling for rendering. Finished 3D models are shown by Microsoft in the announcement of version 3.2.

Improved animations and promises.

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Microsoft introduces in the new version the JavaScript objects of the Promise type, which allow asynchronous calculations of operations. There are also new functions for animating 3D models. Animation Blending should automatically create a smooth transition between animation loops, which works quite well in a demo. The new AnimationPropertiesOverride class can overwrite the properties of animations of inheriting animation classes. The animation weighting should enable developers to mix different animations with each other, for example a running and a walking animation.

Microsoft has also completely revised the default rendering pipeline. Scenes with various effects such as multisampling, Bloom, depth of field or chromatic aberration are now calculated. There is also a new effect: the light plane, which imitates light sources.

The new changes can be viewed in the Babylon.js documentation, which has also been revised. Microsoft makes theses developers available on a corresponding website.