Unity (well-suited to create a 3D configurator) had already released the pre-alpha version of EditorXR in December 2016. Since then, the editor has been successively refined and the collaboration in Unity improved. In this article we will report on the highlights of the new editor. During the same period, Kinematic Soup also worked hard on SceneFusion and released an update to support the latest version.

The end of the experimental editor.

EditorXR now also works in Vanilla Unity 2017.2p1 and higher. With version 0.0.9 you can easily download the latest version of Unity, the EditorXR, TextMesh Pro and the partner SDK.

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In the future there will certainly be many more people working with EditorXR. The XR tools interface has hardly been scratched. While a solid foundation for scene layout and analysis, object browsing and some interaction optimizations has been created, the limits for custom pipeline tools or supporting editing tools are now inexhaustible. Content can be created with #EditorXR and shared in the Asset Store, Unity Connect or Social Media. The EditorXR will continue to be actively and publicly developed on GitHub. You can share your ideas with others and report problems. Pull requests are welcome.

SceneFusion Update.

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SceneFusion is a Unity editor extension that allows you to edit scenes with multiple users within Unity. Users can start a “session” in the Editor and all other users who participate in that session and have the same assets in their project download the current scene of the host and send and receive any changes made in the Scene View. It is not only an incredible technical achievement, but also very impressive to work together on a scene in Unity. We`re always surprised at how much better t is to work together on a real 3D scene in XR. It`s also a lot of fun.

In the future, we`ll be covering SceneFusion and EditorXR at every opportunity. The last big demo of Unity was at SIGGRAPH`s Real Time Live presentation. There was also a lot of emphasis on working with EditorXR in SceneFusion, both in distant and adjacent workspaces. The motto is: Two (XR) heads are better than one.

Project controlling and a small outlook.

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The basics for a new discovery system can be seen in the latest version. Currently, this is limited to dynamic tooltips attached to controller permissions and basic visual changes such as outlines and transparency control. In addition, the affordances now also animate.

While this may sound like a simple task, the system has been designed to support virtually any controller or control mapping imaginable. Interaction with the system is quite simple, so user tools can take advantage of the feature and maintain a consistent appearance.

If available, the tools provide the hand, payment ID, and tooltip text. The rest, such as the mediation of conflicting feedback requests, is handled by the proxy system of the EditorXR. Another version will be released in the near future. The information about changes and improvements will then also be provided quite promptly.

The year 2018 offers exciting new possibilities to try out new concepts such as editing in AR, immersion in animations, post effects or interaction with advanced Unity features. Of course, there is still a lot of room for improvement tto improve the scene layout. Try out your own ideas and tell us how it went. Have fun with it.