Right now you are probably reading this article on your smartphone or playing VR wirelessly over a 4G internet connection (sufficient for good WebGL 3D configurators). HTC has just announced that the 5G Mobile Smart Hub will be released in the second quarter of 2019.

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The 5G Hub is a 5-inch HD touchscreen that looks like a small tablet. It’s small enough to fit on a shelf at home or at work and offers enough Internet for 20 devices, reports HTC. It’s also said to be useful not only for fast Internet speeds, but also for making cloud-based VR technology especially a Vive Focus headset that runs smoother than on a 4G connection.

The company operates globally in this area and holds shares in Sprint, Telstra, EE (UK), Three UK, Deutsche Telekom, Elisa (Finland) and Sunrise (Switzerland).

“Sprint is excited to be the exclusive U.S. mobile operator for the HTC 5G hub in the United States,” said Dr. John Saw, Sprint’s Chief Technology Officer. “This device will revolutionize the connected home, enhance mobile gaming and support small businesses in a new and exciting way. Together with HTC, we are excited to dramatically improve the way our customers work with the performance and speed of 5G”.

There’s nothing like trying to record a livestream just to have problems with the Internet and blurred graphics quality. What users of the 5G Mobile Smart Hub will win over is 4K-quality video streaming and low-lag gaming at 60 frames per second. Perfect for gaming loggers and streamers who want to get the most out of Internet connectivity.

“HTC is proud to launch the world’s first mobile 5G smart hub,” said Cher Wang, chairman and CEO of HTC. “5G will be the decisive step for VR and AR, and the new HTC 5G Hub will seamlessly transfer the wide bandwidth of 5G to our devices and realize our vision of Vive-Reality – a boundless, immersive environment in which human experiences are at the forefront.

On the VR front, users will be able to use their already wireless Vive Focus headsets without connecting cables. This will make the 5G hub completely wireless while providing a high-quality mobile experience.

It is important to note that HTC communicates that it can replace a WiFi router and has voice commands and remote control features for easy operation. The hub features specifications such as “Qualcomm® Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform with the Snapdragon X50 5G modem and antenna modules with integrated RF transceiver, RF front end (RFFE) and antenna elements. Together with Android 9 Pie.

For enterprises, the hub is equipped with the “Snapdragon 855 Platform” and the “Qualcomm 60Ghz Wifi chipset (based on the 802.11ad specification) for multi-gigabit speeds and cable equivalent latencies, as well as the Qualcomm 2×2 WiFi 6-enabled chipset for next generation capacity, efficiency and performance within reach.

Small businesses and workspaces with up to 20 people simultaneously can use it without additional accessories, as it is deployed. Any group that goes beyond that is recommended to use the hub’s Gigabit Ethernet port.

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