Earlier this year, Mozilla announced that it was developing a completely new browser called Firefox Reality to view 3D content like 3D configurators. Mozilla’s Mixed Reality team set about developing a web browser that was designed from the ground up to work on standalone Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) headsets. Recently Mozilla announced that the first version of Firefox Reality is available in the Viveport, Oculus and Daydream app stores.

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At a time when people are questioning the impact of technology on their lives and looking for leadership from independent organizations like Mozilla, Firefox Reality brings the level of usability, choice, control and privacy they are used to from Firefox to the 3D web and immersive content.

Firefox Reality is designed to allow users to seamlessly switch between the 2D Web and the immersive Web.

Designed from the virtual base.

The Mixed Reality team at Mozilla has invested a lot of time, effort and research to figure out how to design a browser for VR. The head of the team, Andre Vrignaud, comments as follows:

We had to rethink everything, including navigation, text input, environments, search and more. This required years of research and countless discussions with users, content creators and hardware partners. The result is a browser designed for the medium it serves. It makes a big difference, and we think you’ll love all the features and details we’ve designed specifically for an MR browser.

These features include the ability to search the web with your voice. Text input is still a challenge for VR and that was a first big step in solving this problem. With Firefox Reality, you can choose to search through the microphone in your headset.

Particular emphasis was placed on making content easy to find. Vrignaud comments as follows:

We spent a lot of time talking to VR headset owners. We asked questions like: “What’s missing?“, “Do you love your device” and “If not, why? The feedback we heard the most was that it was hard for users to find new VR experiences and games. That’s why we’ve added a feed with amazing content to the Firefox Reality home screen.

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From the moment you open the browser, you’ll get immersive experiences that you can enjoy with a VR headset directly from the Firefox Reality browser. Mozilla has worked with developers around the world to provide a successful collection of games, videos, environments and experiences that can be accessed directly from the home screen.

A new dimension of Firefox.

According to Mozilla, there are two things you should know about developing a successful web browser. Firefox Reality uses Mozilla’s Quantum engine for mobile browsers. The result is a smooth and fast performance that is critical for a VR browser. Mozilla also puts a lot of emphasis on things like privacy and transparency. The company has recently become more involved in protecting the privacy of web users.

This is the beginning.

Mozilla plans to develop the browser further in the long run. Version 1.1 is nearing completion and will be rolled out soon. It is planned to add many new ideas and features to make Firefox Reality the leading browser for Mixed Reality. Problems will be fixed as soon as possible by bugfixes and minor updates.

If you’ve already used Firefox Reality and noticed that a few things are missing, you can expect us to add them in a reasonable amount of time. Specifically, in the coming months is planned to add 360 degree videos, support for bookmarks, accounts and more.

Firefox Reality is open source.

Mozilla places great emphasis on transparency, community and collaboration, which is why new projects are always very open. If you have any suggestions, you can contact the Mozilla community directly and make a contribution to the further development of the new browser.

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